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By serving two industries, automobiles and real estate, we are able to spread our overhead to offer reduced commissions and save you money. Our team of licensed real estate agents are focused, professional and can offer one of the most inexpensive ways to sell or buy a home or commercial property.

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The Benefits of Working with a Realtor®
When Buying a House

When searching for a new home, a Realtor is your best bet for finding your dream house and closing the deal at the right price. Licensed Realtors often have access to exclusive knowledge regarding available properties that may not be advertised through traditional channels. Having a real estate expert in your corner can make all the difference when negotiating the final price of your new home. And you can be confident that all the necessary paperwork will be done and filed correctly.

When Selling a House

A Realtor is likely to get you more money for your home. Working with a licensed real estate agent allows your house to be listed on MLS, which is the first place most buyers start when looking for property. The increased exposure leads to significantly higher offers. Nothing compares to the confidence of an industry expert at your side while navigating the final transaction, and having a skilled negotiator to advocate on your behalf.